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Shooters Grove Nursery is a 39 place nursery which means we have a maximum of 39 children attending in the morning session and 39 in the afternoon session.

Sarah Kirk is the nursery teacher. We also have Kelly Vardy NVQ3 and Clare Marshall working in nursery. Carol Lewis is the Midday Supervisor who covers the lunch time session with the other nursery staff.

Nursery Sessions

When your child starts Nursery you will be entitled to 15 or 30 government funded hours (FEL). These hours can be used as you wish (and also split between providers). Some options available are;

15 hours:

  1. 5 morning sessions and 2 lunchtime sessions
  2. 5 afternoon sessions and 2 lunchtime sessions
  3. A combination of 5 am and pm sessions and 2 lunchtimes
  4. 2.5 full day sessions. 

30 hours:

  1. 5 short days (9am-3pm)
  2. 3 long days (7.45am-5.30pm) 

Session Times

Morning session – 8.50am-11.20am

Lunchtime session – 11.20am-12.40pm

Afternoon session – 12.40pm – 3.10pm

We have extra sessions that can also be purchased if you require more than your FEL hours. 

Breakfast and After School Club

We have extended the hours available in nursery. Children will be able to arrive at our Breakfast club from 7.45am and remain in nursery until 5.30pm, 5 days a week.

For more details on all session times, prices and availability, please speak to Sarah Kirk (0114 2342268)

Starting Nursery

We introduce children into nursery three times a year, in September, January and April. Children start at these times over a staggered period as this enables us to settle the children and spend time with them individually.

After you have completed your application form, places are allocated in birth order as places become available in the September and January.

You will be invited to a welcome meeting where you can see nursery, meet the staff and be given more information about your child’s time in nursery.

You will also be given the option for some visits into nursery. We feel that making children familiar with the nursery and with staff before starting is important.

At this meeting we will arrange a home visit where two members of nursery staff will visit you. This is an opportunity for you to ask us any questions and for us to meet each other in your setting.



Every day the children have the opportunity to participate in a range of different activities. All these activities are planned to develop skills from the Early Years curriculum. The wide range of tasks are to encourage the children to be independent, creative and excited learners. Some examples of activities are mentioned below:

Role-play– Home Corner, Hospital, Garden Centre, Shop, Police Station, Fancy dress, pushchairs etc.

Creative– Painting, printing, sewing, collage, sewing etc

Jigsaws, Puzzles and Games

Small World Play Noah’s Ark, dolls house, Playmobil, Lego, farm and zoo animals etc

Construction– Lego, bricks, junk materials, blocks etc.

Music– Singing, action rhymes and instruments.

Experimental Play– sand, water, soil, clay and play dough.

Mathematical Tasks– Counting, number games, sorting activities, shapes etc.

Literacy Tasks– Book Corner, Story time, Phonics games, speaking and listening sessions, opportunities to write and draw.

Outdoor PlayBikes, cars, pushchairs, large climbing equipment, bats, balls, hoops, tunnels, tents,

Mud Kitchen, sand, water, jelly, foam play.


Nursery is split up into different developmental areas. The different areas contained carefully planned and delivered activities to help the children develop the necessary skills. The activities planned are a combination of child initiated tasks and small adult lead activities. The topics these tasks are based on the children's interests and are also planned to develop interests in a wide range of different areas.

We have a large outdoor area which is used in all weathers. We encourage investigating in the garden and in the nursery yard. The children have the opportunity to dig in the soil, play with sand and water and develop a love of nature and being outside.

How will I know how well my child is doing?

From September 2016 we have been using the Tapestry online assessment tool where all photographs and observations are recorded in a personal profile for each child. Each child's profile will be available for you to access at home so you can see what your child has been doing and any areas that they are working on. 

To read our Nursery Information booklet, click here.

What's going on in Nursery?

Lets get Planting!

S Kirk (Mrs Kirk) on: What's going on in Nursery?

It's always nice to see some sunshine as we start our planting and growing topic.

We have been very busy planting some beans this week.

We still have lots of vegetables and our sunflowers to plant too.

All the children have got involved digging up the soil in the garden. We got distracted planting by

the amount of worms we found. We counted 62. They will hopefully still be around when we make our

wormery in the next few weeks.

Our caterpillars have finally gone into cocoons. We are now waiting patiently until they turn into butterflies.

Here are the first three to change into cocoons....

A big well done to all the children that have done some fantastic creative work for our

butterfly and caterpillar challenge.

Keep the caterpillar and butterfly models coming. We will keep you up to date with our planting.

Fingers crossed for more sunshine.

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Pond Dipping.

S Kirk (Mrs Kirk) on: What's going on in Nursery?

Welcome back to the start of the summer term.

 We love the summer term as we get to spend more time outside in our garden and in the school grounds.

We have started the term looking at lifecycles so went to visit the school pond. We were on the search for frogspawn but we caught all kinds of mini beasts.

We managed to find lots of frogspawn. This week we have watched it hatch and have enjoyed watching the tadpoles wriggling around.

We also have some caterpillars. They are tiny at the minute but are munching and chewing their way through their food and are growing quickly.

We have been very careful and are looking forward to hopefully have some little frogs and being able to release our butterflies.


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An EGGciting Easter Week.

S Kirk (Mrs Kirk) on: What's going on in Nursery?

We've had a really exciting week in nursery.

We arrived on Monday morning to find that four of our chicks had hatched in

the incubator over night. We could also hear plenty of chirping coming from inside

the other eggs! They were a day early. We haven't even finished our 21 day count down!!

We spent Monday watching four more chicks hatch.


They were very wet when they came out and were all very tired after all the hard work of getting

out of their eggs. They soon fluffed up and when they were dry we gave them some names.

Here they are. All 12 chicks...... Julie, John, Jack, Lydia, Freddie, Floss, Zane, Big Bob, Benjy, Keith,

Rod and Pip!! The children named them as they were born. We have all had a go and holding them

and will miss them when they move to the farm.

We have drawn them and talked all about them.

Here is some of the fantastic work we have produced.......




We are now all ready for some Easter fun. Tomorrow we will be meeting the Easter Bunny and entering the egg

rolling competition. We have all created some fantastic Easter bonnets and will be ready for the big Parade on Friday.

Happy Easter everyone!!

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Book Week 2016

S Kirk (Mrs Kirk) on: What's going on in Nursery?

Book Week started with us choosing some of our favourite books to look at.

We decided we were going to read Little Red Hen. We made some bread and

looked at how bread is made in factories.

We made some bread in the mud kitchen. It was special bread though

because it had worms, soil and leaves in! We mixed it up carefully.


We read The Three Little Pigs. We made some brick houses and the wolf

tried to blow them down.

We then read Whatever Next. We went on some adventures by ourselves.

Some of us went to the moon. We went to a bear cave. There was a bear

but don't worry, it was a friendly one and only wanted to be our friend.

Lots of us went on a train to the seaside in Africa. It was a long way!

We displayed all of our work in the Book Café in the school hall on

Friday afternoon. Lots of people came to look at our work and could

tell we had been very busy.

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Book Week - Little Red Hen.

S Kirk (Mrs Kirk) on: What's going on in Nursery?

As part of Book Week we have been looking at our favourite books. We chose to read little

Red Hen and have been busy making some bread just like little red hen did. We all helped

make the bread though and we also all helped to eat it. It was hard work kneading the bread but

worth it as it was absolutely delicious. We ate it warm with butter on. MMMmmmmm!


We were experts at kneading the bread. We made sure they were all ready before we left them to rise.

Tomorrow is Book Day and we are all coming dressed up as our favourite character

from a book. We are looking forward to seeing what our friends come dressed as.

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Pre-Nursery Play Scheme

Nursery runs a play-scheme.  It runs twice a month and provides children aged 0-3 years the opportunity to spend time in nursery.

This gives children and their parents the chance to become familiar with our nursery layout, the staff and sample some of our activities and have a good time.

This year we have extended the play scheme and also run it second Tuesday of every month.

If you are interested in this scheme please speak to Sarah kirk for more details.

Dates of the Play scheme can be found here and on our calendar on this website.