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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Your teachers in Year 3 are Miss MacPherson and Mr Smith, supported by Miss Hallam and Miss Brooks.

Our first topic this year is Ancient Egypt. Learn all about life in Egypt 4000 years ago; the River Nile and how important it was to the Egyptians and all all about mummies, Pharaohs and the pyramids. We will also be visiting Weston Park Museum in Autumn 1 so get ready to meet a real life mummy!


Look forward to writing postcards, speech bubbles, information booklets and instructions whilst learning tons about Ancient Egypt.


This term sees us focus on the number system. Be ready to read, write and order numbers up to 1000, find more and less than a given number as well as learning how to add and subtract using the column method.

Our Themes

Term 1 (Autumn)

Ancient Egypt

Term 2 (Spring)

Who You Gonna Call?

Term 3 (Summer)

Stone Age to Iron Age



Our fourth theme of the year is Amazing Authors which we cover around Christmas and during World Book fortnight.


You will find out about...

- WHY shadows are formed

- WHICH foods we need to eat to stay healthy and teeth

- WHAT is attracted to a magnet

- HOW to record your observations


You will become...

- A weather forecaster

- A designer

- An editor

- A message sender

- A Programmer


You will..

- Learn new singing games

- Become a class orchestra

- Compose your own melodies and songs

- Learn to read some musical notes.


In Y3 we had 18 readers who managed to reach the magical 100 reads and earn themselves a brand new book last year. Can you beat that total this year?

Curriculum Information for Parents

Please see the following documents for information about the curriculum taught in each theme, special events and how you can help at home.