Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

The teachers in Year 5 are Mrs Smith and Miss Leggett. Mrs Wainwright also teaches within the team 2.5 days a week.  


If you can promise to work hard, we can promise to make your time in Year 5 enjoyable, memorable and fun.


 Most of the work in Year 5 is organised around interesting and enjoyable themes which are:

  •  Invaders
  •  Rainforests
  •  Inventors and Innovators 
  •  Raging Rivers


 There are lots of opportunities to take part in a wide range of enrichment activities throughout the year.


We hope that we all enjoy our year together, work hard and learn lots!


What's it like to be in Year 5?

  “You feel really grown up in Year 5.”

 “The teachers are really nice.”

 “Y5 is exciting and you get to do really fun things.”

 “You get to earn more privileges and the work is more advanced.”


Our Learning 


We read and write a range of texts related to our themes including reports, diaries and persuasive texts. We also look at a variety of poems and stories by different authors and from different cultures and traditions.


We build on our mathematical skills and learn lots of new ways to solve number problems by using what we know to find out what we don’t know. It’s not all numbers though, we also continue to work on 2D and 3D shapes and enjoy collecting and interpreting data linked to our interests.


We continue to improve our scientific skills and knowledge across the four themes. We will look at:

  • Living things and their habitats
  • Animals including humans
  • Forces
  • Earth and Space
  • Properties and changing states of materials


In November, we will visit ‘Peak Venture’, a residential, outdoor activity centre near Penistone. This is an excellent opportunity for you to take part in lots of adventurous activities including archery and climbing.

We also have an exciting visit from a real-life Rainforest Explorer, who comes to school and holds a day-long workshop where we learn all about Rainforests to kick off this theme.

Throughout the year, we will make good use of our locality for history and geography work.


Curriculum Information for Parents

Please see the following documents for information about the curriculum taught in each theme, special events and how you can help at home.