The Early Years (Nursery and Reception) 

The children are informally assessed against the Early Learning Goals (ELG's) throughout nursery. At the start of Reception a baseline assessment is made and at the end of reception the levels are reported in terms of the percentage reaching a 'Good level of development' (GLD).The early learning goals are divided into seven areas of learning. A child is said to have a 'Good Level of Development' (GLD) if they achieve the ELG in the following five areas; Communication and Language, Literacy, Maths, Personal, Social and Emotional development and Physical Development.


Key Stage 1 (Infants)

In Year 1, pupils complete a Phonics Screening Check. This is designed to show how well your child can use the phonics skills they've learned up to the end of Year 1, and to identify students who need extra phonics help. The Department for Education defines the checks as 'short, light-touch assessments' that take each child between four and nine minutes to complete with their teacher.

In Year 2, pupils complete a series of assessments in maths and English. The Key Stage 1 SATs consist of formal assessments in maths, reading and spelling, punctuation and grammar, plus informal assessments in science that take place throughout the year. Maths and English SATs usually take place in May and are not given all at once – assessments are spread out over a period of time, and teachers work them into the normal daily routine in such a way that the children will not feel like they’re being tested.


Key Stage 2 (Juniors)

In the Juniors, children are assessed at the end of each academic year by their class teacher against the national curriculum. We use a point in time assessment (PITA) scale to assess learning against objectives in each subject. Our 5 point PITA scale can be found here.

At the end of Year 6, pupils are required to sit their statutory assessments - SATs. Pupils sit English reading, grammar, punctuation and spelling and maths tests. Other subjects including writing, speaking and listening and science are teacher assessed. We prepare the children for their tests and ensure that they feel well prepared and confident during the testing period in May. 


Parent Information

Further information, for parents of Year 2 and Year 6 children, about the assessment including scaled scores can be found on this DFE web page.